Pumpkins and Cinnamon and Zombies...Oh my!

DUDE. I am pretty pumped it is October. October is hands down my favourite month. It has my two favourite super awesome holidays, and lots and lots of good birthdays. It also has pumpkins. And cinnamon. And scarves. YAY!

Seriously, folks. October is amazing.


To celebrate making it to my favourite autumn month after a fairly crappy summer, my sister and I planned a Zombie movie marathon for every Friday of the month.


The only thing that could possibly make October more awesome is five Fridays in a row with zombie movies.

Choosing only five nights worth of movies was tough, however, so we made a point of keeping it a combination of light, classic, and at least partially kid-friendly. The kid friendliness is a must for us, since we wanted to both include my nephew and not have to wait until he is in bed to start the fest. We are old, people! Starting movies at nine o'clock means only one movie per night---mild kid-friendliness was a great solution to time limitations on movie marathon goodness. Of course, this meant having some wiggle room on criteria for at least a few picks... but we made it work. Also... this kid has seen some Walking Dead episodes without any adverse reaction, so we are lucky enough to have a tough kid around.

Because I love you all, I am sharing our fantabulous 5-weekend Zombie Movie Marathon schedule with you right here. No judging if you hate some of the choices--- we had four adults and a kid to please!!

I may not have mentioned this, but....I AM SO EXCITED!

Happy October! :)

Zombie Movie Marathon Schedule
(featuring a semi-kid-friendly starter film each week)

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Night of the Living Dead (1968 version)

Dawn of the Dead (2004 version)*

Rec (original version) /OR/ Quarantine (American version)*

Shaun of the Dead*
World War Z*

Hotel Transylvania*
28 Days Later

*on Netflix!!  The Resident Evil movies are also on Netflix. I believe "I Am Legend" is also on there. And there's a million awesome looking Zombie B-movies on there. You could improvise your own movie schedule entirely by streaming!

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  1. I'm not a huge zombie fan, but 28 Days later... One of my favourite movies. If you can find a copy of it, there's an amazing Norwegian zombie movie Dead Snow (I'm sure you've heard thunderpeep talk about it, I went through an obsessive phase…) so good. I do a big horror binge, the week of Halloween, but I go for the creepy types like The Exorcist.

    1. I have heard of Dead Snow but haven't watched it! Doug and I have been supplementing the schedule above with other movies throughout the week. Really want to get my hands on "Zombie 2" which is an Italian zombie flick. Maybe will pick up Dead Snow, too!! Love European horror.


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