Friday I'm in Love: Monkey Butter

"Friday I'm in Love" on Friday features of shops, makers, and creative people worth checking out.

Happy Friday! I have decided to whip myself into blogging shape by starting small---so, on Fridays I will be sharing awesome Canadian goodies with you.

This first one comes with a bit of a story. I have to admit I am not a huge fan of peanut butter--at least, I didn't think I was. For more than a decade, I have avoided the stick-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth creamy substance like it was toxic. Even Nutella was something I didn't really take a shining to until I was in university. Semi-recently, I started experimenting with all-natural peanut butter, and even all-natural hazelnut and almond butters. They were a huge improvement on the weirdly creamy stuff, but remembering to pick more up in the grocery store was a struggle... I simply couldn't make peanut butter a staple food after so many years being grossed out by it.

In a recent trip down to Toronto, Michelle at Thunderpeep blew my mind with a jar of Vanilla Spice Almond butter from Toronto-based Monkey Butter. It was amazing! Such a unique flavour profile, and the texture was perfection. I ate it by the spoonful and didn't care who saw me. Needless to say, pretty soon I was out of Monkeybutter.

I checked out MonkeyButter online when I ran out of my gifted stash. I have to restock. I need this peanut butter to become a staple in my house! I highly recommend you treat yourself to this deliciousness, too. Here are a few flavours I have been drooling over:

For more awesome flavours (including peanut butter for dogs!), visit their website:

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  1. There's a pretzel one that is truly out of this world. I'll get you a sampler pack at OOAK if you can wait another couple of months. I am a huge PB freak, I would die without my Monkeybutter. Glad you liked yours :) PS. I eat mine straight outta the jar too, it needs to be eaten on it's own to be truly appreciated!

    1. YUM! I am so down for any PB goodness you are willing to hook me up with. I had a major craving last night and the closest thing I had to spread on bread was salsa... yuk!


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