Friday I'm in Love: Thanksgiving Roundup

"Friday I'm in Love" on Friday features of shops, makers, and creative people worth checking out.

Happy Friday! Happy Friday-before-Thanksgiving (in Canada)!!!!

Thanksgiving is my favourite. By far. Pumpkins and happy thoughts and yummy food and twenty people in my house.... my favourite!

In honour of Thanksgiving, here are a few Etsy finds that will extend the cozy Thanksgiving vibes into what is left of the fall.

{Pumpkin Patch Sisters Print via The Poppy Tree}

{Cinnamon Orange Soap via Soap Utopia}

{Pumpkin Spice Perfume Oil via The Green Alchemist}

{Apple Tarte Loose Leaf Tea via LuxBerry Tea}

Also--just for fun--here is a gem you might not have realized is on the interwebs.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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  1. Ah! New tea shop….. that looks so yummy! And a Canadian shop. Seems we are really awesome at fun teas. Must go order some now.
    Happy Thanksgiving :) Hope everyone loved their heritage carrots ;)

    1. The carrots went over surprisingly well!! People were either amused by the multiple colours or just assumed I burned the carrots without them tasting burnt.

      Usually anything outside of the norm (which is glazed baby carrots) gets an adverse reaction.... one year I did carrot ribbons and the reaction was something along the lines of... "they LOOK like bacon, but they TASTE like carrots... kinda disappointing!"

      Happy Thanksgiving!!


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