Etsy Treasury: Born in a Pumpkin Patch

Etsy Treasury via Creative Clementine

In the spirit of welcoming the yummy autumn season into my life, and supporting some wonderful Etsy makers.... I have made my first Etsy treasury! Hoorah!

There was a lot of logic behind this decision. Okay, not really. It was mostly that I have been doing this type of Etsy roundup for awhile anyway, so may as well do it officially!! I won't make any promises about doing this on a regular basis... but I am actually confident (for once) that this is a habit I can keep.

Without further adieu, here is my first Etsy Treasury for your viewing (and shopping) pleasure. Click on through to the Etsy site to view the sources.

Etsy Treasury: Born in a Pumpkin Patch

An Etsy Treasury of orange and pumpkin goodness. Made in Canada. via

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