Clementine Celebration Flashback: One in the Jungle

Since I'm new to blogland, we have some catching up to do. Once in a while I'll be posting a "flashback" inspiration board or image representing a long-lost party I've held/designed but have limited pictures of.

For my nephew E's first birthday, my sister threw a jungle party. I hadn't quite answered my party design calling at this point, but oh boy did I have ideas about the cake!

Keep in mind (please!) that this is the second cake I had made... ever. I present to you, the jungle watering hole.

As you can tell, I was pretty ambitious for a second timer. I found a great fondant recipe and ran with it! I also ran a little too far with the watering hole concept, as you can see by the blue jello pond and chocolate rock accents...

Now that I've gained experience making one whole additional cake since then, I'm a little proud of my cake-making learning pace. Especially considering how bad the first one was! (No, you can't see it! It's really really bad.)

Have you had any ambitious party plans that were easier dreamed than done? Drop me a line, if it's a good enough story I may just have to spread it around ;)

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