As Seen on Etsy: Marma-lovely

As you may have noticed yesterday, I have some big love for Heidi at Marmalime and her simple yet sophisticated products. Full disclosure: I love this lady. She's a good friend of mine and I'm incredibly proud  of it. Her creativity rocks my world! Just to show you all how awesome she is, check this out:

Can you imagine getting a gift wrapped up in this cute little packaging? it's so chic.

What I love most about the Marmalime shop is that, regardless of the fact that I've shared Pina Coladas with the woman behind it all, I'm truly inspired by everything I see. If I had stumbled upon this shop, I'd love it just as much as I do as a friend of Heidi's. She's just that good.

Imagine how happy you could make someone by wrapping up something special in this packaging! Endless possibilities. Gotta love it!

Part of the reason I've been giving Heidi so much blog love this week is...she's coming to visit! I'm very excited. Giddy little school girl excited. So I hope you all love her as much as I do, or will try to, because you're going to be sick of hearing about her otherwise.

If you haven't been to Marmalime's shop, go now. Stop wasting time reading my rambling... trust me. She's so much cooler than me.

Love Clementine

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