Curing the Buzzkill-itis No.1

There's a sad, unfortunate pandemic affecting too many men (and some women) out there. It's called buzzkill-itis. You know the symptoms... rolling eyes, inattention to detail, repeated use of the word "why"...

Some guys think detail-oriented parties are fabulous, as they should. They see cake in a jar and think it's just as cute and adorable and as 'ohmygoshawesome' as I would. They see cake on a stick and think "best idea ever" and gobble them up. They see custom water bottle labels and suddenly don't think water is such a lame party drink. They appreciate the details.

But buzzkill-itis has reared its ugly head and caused some people to think it's not worth all the fuss that goes into a custom event. And some of those people suffering from buzzkill-itis are very close to us, and are more than likely under the same roof.

Who is "us"? "Us" is the success-by-design party world. The crafty folks, the detail-oriented folks, the love-my-partner-enough-to-slave-over-a-three-tier-cake-for-his/her-birthday folks.

So, how do you give the gift of a personalized, heartwarming party to someone you don't think will appreciate it? I'm going to make a series of posts on how to tackle the Buzzkill-itis.

To start, we'll look at catering to a Buzzkill male's needs and focus on "making it dudely". If it's "epic", or could be considered "epic", it will probably be a hit...

[disclaimer: definitely not a vegan friendly tip!!!]

Curing the Buzzkill-itis No.1: 
Show them you love them with bacon.

Bacon is a big deal to your average dude... and it's kind of a hilarious thing to be a fan of. How about feeding into the bacon craze and making a bacon party for your anti-frills guest of honour?

This is a pretty universally delicious (sorry vegetarians) theme to play on, and the comedic potential is endless. Not to encourage the crude guys at Epic Meal Time, but they've struck a real chord with the "manly man" demographic. If it might make your guy finally crack a party-related smile... why fight it?

If you're a stickler for an appetizer or dessert table, consider making it a bacon table. Bacon wrapped marshmallow pops (---serious potential, am I right?!). Bacon wrapped pretzel rods. Bacon infused martinis. Maybe even try out some maple bacon chocolate chip cookies for an even more intense "wow, that's awesome" response.
Hip Hostess Blog
HashDelectableEdible [Etsy]

How Sweet It Is
Brown Eyed Baker

Even the worst party pooper will have to love a bacon affair. And there's no attention to detail lost in the process!

What ideas can you think of for a bacon-wrapped tablescape?

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