Clementine Celebration: Canada Day

After dreaming big for Canada Day this year, Mother Nature decided to give Thunder Bay high chances of rain and 20m visibility, making for an invisible fireworks show and a worried lil' me in hostess mode. I decided to brave the outdoor party, and things worked out just fine...

As my Twitter followers know, I recently discovered Broken Glass Jello, despite the rest of the world knowing about it "for like ever". 100% awesome. 100% addictive. On 100% too many of the menus I'm brainstorming for upcoming events. I feel like I should have made this for every event. Ever. Anyways, as you can see, I incorporated that into my menu rather quickly. Also included were cookie truffle pops, marshmallow pops, snazzy red and white Jones sodas adorned with Garnish's red paper straws, and super fluffy cupcakes in adorable polka dots. Of course, I also made a massive amount of vegan rice pudding for my brother. My proudest detail: no kitsch, just cute--with some wiggle room reserved for the festive chalkboard...

What did YOU do this Canada Day?

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