Clementine Celebration: Purple Picnic Extravaganza

As promised, here are the pictures of the Purple Picnic eco-friendly affair for the darling Miss Cassie's eleventh birthday.

 Custom invites with a no-waste mission. Not a scrap of that cute purple paper was wasted! (See the straws below). The envelopes were stamped with a "C" for the birthday girl.

Guests were greeted by a cute recycled welcome board and bottle decor. This shot gives you a peek at the beautiful garden by the yard's entrance, which is just one of many amazing details this yard has to show. Definitely a great place for an outdoor party!

The dessert table, complete with cupcakes, cakepops, fresh veggies and fruit, pie, and purple lemonade.

To keep with the eco elements, recyclable/recycled products were used throughout. Sweet custom labels were made for the "Cassieberry" pies, which the birthday girl and mom made fresh that morning. Compostable straws were "flagged" using kraft paper and paper scraps leftover from making the invites. A customizable stamp kit added simple pizazz to the overall look of the party details.

It was an incredible day for a patio party! A hundred million degrees but no direct sunshine... but I still managed to get a bit of a burn---and don't get me started on the heat's effect on the cakepops.... oy. Here's the family's cute puppy, Radar, taking a break from the sun under the dessert table.

The girls enjoyed funky thrift store props for the photo booth. I've never seen such silly poses!

A sad, lonely book with missing pages finds a new purpose as recycled paper flowers made by the guests (and hostess!).

 To end the affair, guests took home adorable mini picnic baskets lined with fabric scraps and filled with yummy candies.

In case you're wondering, there was "real" food too! Always. I promise... Whether the kiddies ate more of one than the other is a whole different story! Luckily this beautiful yard came equipped with a pool for the girls to work off all their sugar.

Such a great day! I'm so grateful to Cassie and her family for letting me be a part of it.

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