Monday Roundup: Red Herring!

Last week left me in an absolute mess, so here I go distracting you all from my lack of things to say with a Monday roundup. Here's a short and linky post of the most inspiring things I've stumbled upon on while making my internet rounds last week(ish)...

1. Broken Glass/Stained Glass jello from The Food Librarian

Okay, so this isn't new. But it's new to me, and I feel like I've been living under a rock.... this quickly made its way onto my Canada Day dessert menu (more on that later!) and completely renewed my obsession with jello (not that I needed that...)

2. Strawberry Cupcakes from How Sweet It Is

I love strawberries. And I love love coconut. And combining my love of both of those things with cupcakes just pushes me over the edge. I want to make these every single day for the rest of my life ...which will be shorter from eating cupcakes every day, which makes "every day for the rest of my life" much less daunting. I'd even be willing to accept someone else making them for me everyday for the rest of my life...

3. "This Many" birthday card from W+K studios

This birthday card idea is absolutely adorable. Simply colour in the candle flames for the birthday guy or gal and it's instantly custom. I could seriously give these out for every birthday, all the time. Also an amazing fallback card for those almost-forgot-your-birthday occasions.

4. DIY Favor Florets from Camille Styles 

Much cuter than your typical favour bag, these florets by Camille Styles are not only practical and pretty, but also easy to make. Cute and simple? Sounds just my style!

The design is simple and versatile. I can just imagine these little packages done up in red and white and used like stockings at Christmas.

5. DIY Glass Lanterns from HGTV

I found this gem through Poppytalk's Blog. This simple tutorial from HGTV shows you how to light up your yard elegantly and on the cheap. This is definitely on my to-do list!

I'll be back tomorrow with more to say. For now, enjoy your day!!

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