Sweet Horrors: Halloween Dinner & A Movie

Halloween is one of the Mister's favourite things. He loves all things horror, classic or innovative, and is like a kid writing his Christmas wishlist when Halloween comes around. Hence his first anniversary gift from me being a mishmashed array of epic horrors like Nosferatu (among some regrets... darn you, Amazon recommendations!). So, you can imagine how tempting it was to do something extra special for my Mister on the big day.

Getting a good idea of what he'd like was impossible really difficult, because he loves Halloween every which way it can be celebrated--except my favourite way, which is glam/goth//vampirey/sparkly-in-a-non-Twilight-kinda-way. I tried to read him like a choose-your-own-adventure novel, but he kept flipping back and forth and cheating the direction until the story didn't make sense anymore. Much like this metaphor. Moving on.

After breaking down and forcing asking him to "just pick something already" he said "movies?" Well, duh. I had already figured that part out. It took him three days and about a dozen different movie themes to finally decide on an idea I urged him to stick to: Creepy Asian horror movies. Shweet.

With this idea in mind, I knew I could make this a fabulous and creepy date night--and I only spent a few painless hours on it. Take a peek at my Halloween dinner and a movie 2011.

What better to serve before a classic Japanese-inspired movie marathon than sushi? Takeout, of course (I'm not that good). I even ordered the Mr. a nasty soft shelled crab, for a spidery effect. For added creepy-factor, we drank from "blood crusted" wine glasses filled with soda from blood-spattered vaguely-Asian bottles. Yes, I even used a fake plastic blood dropcloth thing in a semi-romantic setting. It added a bit of morbid charm.

The movie portion of our evening involved an array of "Sweet Horror" goodies just like you'd get in a theatre--popcorn and candy--served up in Asian takeout containers from Garnish. The perfect touch for a perfect evening!

The Asian-themed horror evening was almost perfect! My only regret was leaving the Mister in charge of getting the movies to suit the theme... Somehow we ended up watching a couple Spanish horrors and a weird b-movie version of Ju-On...he's lucky he's cute. :)

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