Kindness by Design #3: Thank You Notes

Thank You Notes. {Kindness by Design: Planning towards a kinder life. Blog series via}

Happy Monday, lovelies! Today's Kindness by Design tip is a simple trick that happens to help feed my stationery addiction. Here's the jist: Be good at saying thank you. Keep a supply of thank you notes where you're most likely to actually use them. 

If you're anything like me, you take more mental notes to say Thank You than you are able to follow up on. Maybe a colleague saved your butt, or a service provider went above and beyond to make sure you were happy, or a favourite Etsy shop sent you some extra goodies and you want to shout THANKS from the top of your lungs. Unfortunately, life works against your best intentions sometimes. So the trick? Make it easy.


1. Stash Thank You cards where you need them.
Saying thank you at the office is highly underrated--and doesn't always come naturally. I find that keeping a stash of thank you cards in my desk drawer has made it much easier to thank colleagues for everything from covering my duties when I'm away or planning an extra special coffee break. Depending on where you spend most of your time, you may want to focus your stash elsewhere. The important thing is that you're ready.

2. Bring Thank You notes with you on the go.
In addition to my desk drawer, your car's glove compartment or even your purse are useful places to keep an extra stash of thank you cards. Neighbour shovel your walkway? Hairdresser do an extra amazing job? Grab a note as soon as you notice and say thanks. 

3. Use social media to shout it out.
Taking a selfie of a yourself holding a "Thank You" sign and then posting it on social media is a cute way to show your gratitude online. Depending on what you're saying "thanks" for, you could replace the signage with whatever you need. Thanking an Etsy seller? Hold up their product with a smile. Thanking a restaurant for great service? Take a thumbs up selfie outside their sign. If you're not into selfies, you can always use the same technique using simple text based photos or ready-made graphics. Tag the person or place that you're thankful for, and breathe easy knowing you just rocked gratitude like a champion. 

If you're starting a stash of thank you cards, it's important that they be applicable to many situations. Here are a few of my favourites:

{via gotamago}

{via seaandlake}

{via thinkandinkstudio}

What is your favourite way to say thank you?

Kindness by Design: Planning towards a kinder life. Blog series via  The objective of the Kindness by Design series is to build thoughtfulness into your day to day life and make random acts of kindness an easier thing to accomplish.

The objective of the Kindness by Design series is to build thoughtfulness into your day to day life and make random acts of kindness an easier thing to accomplish. 

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  1. Love this! I was raised to ALWAYS send Thank you cards. It's such a treat to get them these days :)

  2. Love Thank You cards!! There's so many cute designs out there! :)
    "Hi from Idea Box" :)

  3. Thank you cards are so underappreciated :( Such a small gesture can make someone's day whole lot better.
    Love the designs too!

    Happy Easter Carole! :)

  4. I love sending (and receiving) thank you notes! Your picks are so pretty. Thanks for sharing at What'd You Do This Weekend? I hope you will join us again this Monday!

  5. Im with Joy! I love sending cards out to people and these are great designs! Hope you had a great Easter!!


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