Choose Your Own Adventure: February Recap & March Goals

Choose Your Own Adventure Linkup

I'm disturbed by the idea that it is March already. Isn't March supposed to mean spring? Pretty sure the world outside my window is being blanketed in fresh snow as I type this. Pretty sure Northern Ontario didn't get the memo that we're supposed to be thawing.

Oh well. Moving on.

February's theme for the Choose Your Own Adventure linkup was create. Based on, you know, the entire purpose of my blog, you'd think this would be easy...

February's create accomplishments: 

1. Create something fun from one of January's #30daysketchchallenge drawings. [50% Success]

Well... I tried. Quite frankly, my drawings weren't as good this time around. Aside from a fairly detail oriented sketch of some peas and a goat, I mostly flew through this one on doodle autopilot. I looked back at the drawings and realized that I didn't see a lot of potential for the drawings to become anything spectacular. That being said, I actually have some big plans for the drawings from the first go-round in August. In fact, I have even decided to include a couple as part of my blog graphics. Keep an eye out to see where I end up using them!

2. Create... a blog schedule. [100% Success]
This might be a generous pass. I sat down with a notepad and my laptop to generate a list of ideas and a rough plan for scheduling posts. I started about a hundred drafts. I edited about two hundred photos. I am well on my way to being an organized blogger, so no more excuses for being late to blog during the week or dropping off the face of the internet altogether. 

3. Create... a new [vacation-related] tradition. [100% Success]
After overthinking this one, I realized something interesting. My fella and I have discussed travel for two things: music and food. Isn't that somewhat of a tradition in itself? We made a point of eating at a restaurant owned by a TV chef (Frontera Grill), and we went to a concert. Bam. Built in traditions, without having to buy more stuff.

I know that one is sorta weak, but I don't know what else we would do. Last time I traveled I bought a phone case. That seemed like a silly thing to repeat, since I'm bound to change phones. And I already have super cute magnets, so I can't fathom the idea of overloading my fridge one trip at a time with kitschy souvenirs.

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Now... the theme for March is relationships. My goals for March:

Relationship #1: Me + Me
Self care is something I talk about. A lot. But giving advice is so much easier than doing anything with it for yourself. Some of the things I hope to work on include aiming to be a happier and more mindful person. I am hoping to work this into the new blog series, but we'll see. 

Relationship #2: Me + You

One of my goals is to improve the relationships I already have. I want to stop procrastinating on at least three overdue hangouts or outings this month. I also want to build new relationships, and am excited to say that some new relationships have been brewing in blogland and you will hear all about that before the month is through.

Relationship #3: You + You
With a family as big as mine, there are a few things I have learned to be good at when it comes to relationships. I will be launching a new blog series next week which should help share some of my knowledge in this area. Specifically? Tips and tricks for how to build kindness into your life, so it is easy and natural to follow through on kind gestures.

I'll be posting my updates at the beginning of next month, and linking up on Not Entirely PerfectLife According to Steph, and Keeping up with Ashley and Cody blogs. The theme for April is finances... which is probably going to kick me in the butt.

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  1. What a beautiful blog you have! I'm visiting from the linkup. Great job on drafting and editing photos for future posts!!!!!


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