Food for thought: #BellLetsTalk Day

Bell Let's Talk Day: Five things you can do in five minutes or less to destress and give yourself a mental health break.

Today is Bell Let's Talk day in Canada. For those across the border, Bell Let's Talk day is an initiative by Bell Canada (phone company) which is based around opening up a discussion on mental health. It raises money for mental health. If you want the details, click here to visit their website or click the image above.

We all need to be more aware of our mental health, treat ourselves better, and accept our imperfections as signs that we are human. We also need to make the time to forgive ourselves for being human. That sounds silly, but it's true. 

January is a big month for things like detoxes and cleanses. The new year brings resolutions, and all its health fads along with it. While I'm not clever enough to come up with some sort of Green Smoothie challenge for better mental health, I can link you to stuff. So that's what I am going to do.

Five Minute Mental Health Break

In five minutes or less:

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