Inspiration: Life Without a Closet

One of my goals for 2014 is to turn my calm, grey bedroom into a semi-glamorous, sexy retreat. My Pinterest board on the subject is added to daily. I am over-saturated with amazing inspiration. I have a vision, and am just waiting for the budget. And when I save enough money.... Boy oh boy. My room is going to be pretty.

In the meantime, I still need some inspiration for how to improvise clothes storage in my room. Long story short, there's no closet and I'm a disaster with my clothes. My goal for this weekend? Improvise a closet so that I can start tackling the rest of the room.

I've rounded up some of my inspiration for both open and closed clothes storage solutions. It's really a tough call for me at this point. Either way, I am guessing the classy DIY industrial pipe clothing racks will get involved somehow... (I swear I should have gotten myself a loft instead of my 1950s cottage-style house ...something with delicious exposed brick.....*drool*). In lieu of an open concept dreamy warehouse-turned-loft, my style is working well enough in the home I'm currently in, so may as well embrace some industrial style clothing storage in the master bedroom.

Here is my inspiration for my closet project:

{Via HelloLidy}

{Via Refinery29}

{Via Decor8Blog}

{Via SignePling}

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  1. Some great options! I love the industrial bar look but really need to have it closed away - like bookshelves they just always end up looking messy instead of cool when I try it!
    I have the same problem. No bedroom closet but being that I'm still renting can't be bothered to really do anything too creative! My clothes are hanging in the front hallway closet with my coats! I'm all kinds of classy ;)

    1. Heh... A friend of mine is using her front hallway closet as a Master Bedroom closet + pantry right now. I love hearing how people improvise! I am hoping I can tackle the clothes organization in a way that is open-concept-friendly. My week got away with me, though, so for now I'll keep pinning and scheming :)


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