On dancing more, and DIYing less...

Just dropping in to say hello... I haven't been very productive this week. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll see I got up to a little trouble over the weekend but not quite enough to hammer out a blog post. I am going out of town for work later this week and feel compelled to wash every clothes item in my house and wrap up as many in-progress projects as possible so I can return to a clean and zen home.

If that sounds unreasonable, it's because it is. Seriously. That's a lot of clothes and a lot of projects. I'm going away for three and a half days. My fish won't even go hungry in that time frame.

I am a super happy camper lately, despite the lack of productivity. If you aren't, then I recommend spontaneous living room dance breaks. And really, if this song doesn't push your happy buttons, then I dunno what else will.

Get up and dance! If you want to dance for even longer, go here: www.24hoursofhappy.com 

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  1. I adore that song! Partly because it was featured in Despicable Me 2 and I LOVE the minions!!!! Have a fun work trip (if those are fun?) oh wait, I think I'm reading this after the fact. D'oh :( I'm so behind these days!
    But yes, we must ALL take living room dance breaks at LEAST once a day ;)

    1. Thanks! I was in TO while you were out gallivanting in fabulous looking snowshoes. It was a quick and exhausting trip and I've been impressively lazy since I got back... hence no blog post this week ;) My energy levels got up enough to wash about four plates today! Go me. :)


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