Pinning Life to its Fullest!

Dear Pinterest,

Thank you for existing. You keep my thoughts organized and my browser tabs down to a minimum. You keep me inspired, and well fed.

I do, however, have one complaint. When I'm with you, I feel a totally unreasonable sense of accomplishment. You mess with my head. You make me think I've actually done the things I'm pinning about... and before I know it, months have gone by.  Months of pinning about things, but not actually doing things. Months of beautifully organized pantries, and bathrooms, and entertaining other-peoples-children....

Months of amusing food presentation, ridiculously easy recipes, and other-peoples-weddings...

Months of parties, and celebrations, and gift ideas that I absolutely want to get started on....

But you are endless, and so I keep pinning. Pin, scroll, refresh. Pin, scroll, refresh. It never ever ends. So, Pinterest darling, before I'm a hundred years old and still pinning... I want to make a deal. If you let me blog, and tweet, and function as a semi-normal human being again, I will not abandon you. In fact, I will stop being all talk (err---pin?) and I will actually create things from within my eighteen million boards. I will even blog and then pin the things I'm making from pins. Just please, please, please let me get back to life as Clementine.

Okay? Okay!

Yours always,

PS: I'm going to post this letter publicly. Then I'm gonna pin it.

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