Creatiopath Spotlight: overthinking the pantry

It's been a year since I moved into the new house. A whole year.

365 days of me trying not to blog about housekeeping and room layouts.
52 weeks of wanting to do everything all at once.
26 pay periods of disappointment that I still don't magically have the budget to redo the kitchen...

I have finally come to the realization that I should stop resisting the urge not to talk about home on my celebrations blog. It feels like straying, but I'm sure it's forgiveable. After all, shouldn't I be celebrating the successes right in front of me? If I don't start celebrating something, I may take a sledgehammer to my kitchen sooner than later.

Let's celebrate this recent project: my pantry. A silly thing to put so much effort into, but I love it nonetheless.  If you're really that surprised that I went all-out for my pantry, you'd best head over to my About Me section and read up on the definition of Creatiopathy. It's real. (No it isn't).

Now, on to the cute pantry. It's butter yellow, which I think is lovely and cheerful and just the sort of good vibe colour I want to see everytime I go to grab some rice or oats or dried fruits. And see those baskets? That's where the not-so-cute stuff calls home. Because I'm human, after all. And humans occasionally have more bulk foods than pretty jars to store them in.

Go celebrate something!

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