Simple Valentine's Day DIY

I recently stumbled upon a sweet and simple Valentine's idea with a gag score of only 2 out of 10. For a holiday that tends to be 10 for 10, a 2 is a pretty awesome score for anti-mushy-types.

This simple idea comes from Simple as That blog, and is as simple as cutting and pasting heart shapes onto skewers. Simple, yet look how cute:

Not a bad idea for a quick home or office decor fix, or even an understated gift gesture. Using paper hearts on pens or pencils is also cute, but I like the thin, elegant presentation in the original. The buttons are swoonworthy, too, I must add. And to think most people deck the halls with nausea-inducing clichés and pinks...sigh. No thanks. I'll take cute prints and buttons and recycled cola bottles, please. With a side of twine.

What are your go-to V-day diy's?

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