As Seen on Etsy: A Gag-Free Valentine's Day

As Valentine's day approaches, I find myself on the lookout for pretty much anything that doesn't activate my gag reflex. Sure, that's the least romantic thing V-Day could conjure up for me reflexively, but I can't help it.

I am not a fan of succumbing to mushy stuff.

There, I said it.

Last week, I shared a super cute and easy DIY with you  with a very low "gag score". For my purposes, gag scores refer to the item in question's ability to make me gag. A ten guarantees it, while a one is awesome without the nausea.

Moving on, here is today's Etsy roundup of low gag-score items!

The Happy Dappy Bits store in New York has a ton of really cute, almost gagless cards for the occasion. I give the whole shop a gag score of 4, which makes it an excellent alternative to the standard fare. I especially like the understated style of the cards... which I suppose lends to the splendidly understated romance and thus gag factor. Check out this handsome nerdy devil:
Happy Dappy Bits


Sad Shop
Sad Shop doesn't have a lot to choose from, but what they do have earns them a gag score of 3. Simple typography choices and borderline romantic messages get them in my good books. This card is very true, very amusing, and very much something I can see myself giving:
Sad Shop

Julie Ann Art
Julie Ann Art's etsy shop is filled with hilarious greeting cards with unconventional messages. The shop gets a 2 overall on my gag scale. Between the dirty humour and the dry wit, I love this shop. The only downfall is it isn't Canadian.... and there have definitely been worse crimes.
Julie Ann Art

Yummy Pocket
Bringing it back to Canada, I love these Yummy Pocket  fortune cookies! Anything with fortune cookies and I'm sold, though, so this isn't an unbiased opinion. The geekery combined with the Chinese culture for these suckers just pulls my heart strings. They get a 1 on the gag scale, and are pretty dude friendly, too.


I may have already given kudos to Canadian Thunder Peep Designs for this, but this is great timing to say it again: I love this card. I bought myself two copies at the Made by Hand show and am looking forward to framing one and gifting the other. Great font, great design, and a not-so-mushy message. It gets a gag score of 2:

ThunderPeep Designs

Have you seen any low-gag-score items so far this year? Share them with us in the comments!

Love, Clementine

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