A Supernatural Birthday

Dudes aren't typically gift people. In my experience, they'll respond with the same "oh, cool, thanks" to everything (even socks). I love the challenge of getting an excited reaction out of people on whatever gift-giving day happens to come up. My friend Jesse's birthday was no exception to this.

Guys and gals alike are susceptible to the charms of CW's Supernatural. I know the Mister is hooked, and Jesse sped right on past hooked years ago. While watching other movies, he'll mention how rock salt could have come in handy. Because it's common Supernatural knowledge that rock salt is totally badass... apparently.

After doing some lazy couch research, ie watching the show (*ahem*), I came up with the idea of a Winchester Family Business orientation package. I could have made it easy for myself and picked up a book about the show, but that's not my style. I prefer the complicated, saying-it-without-saying-it route. The creative freedom of a logo-free theme.

Rock salt, holy water (cream soda), chalk, fake ID, and Supernatural related reading materials were all put together neatly into a discrete carrying case. The "non-card" was a dirty looking telegram from Sam and Dean Winchester welcoming Jesse into the 'family business' (as they call it on the show).

This gift is a hilarious way to feed into a friend's fanaticism of this or that. And if your recipient is anything like mine, you will hear the word "badass" more times in ten minutes than you ever thought possible. :)

Have gift ideas you want to share, or need help executing? You know where to find me. :)

Love Clementine

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