Curing the Buzzkill-itis No. 2

For a refresher on the Buzzkill-itis, look at the first post right here. Or, for you too-lazy-to-link-hop-ers, just read this blurb:

There's a sad, unfortunate pandemic affecting too many men (and some women) out there. It's called buzzkill-itis. You know the symptoms... rolling eyes, inattention to detail, repeated use of the word "why"...

Some guys think detail-oriented parties are fabulous, as they should. They see cake in a jar and think it's just as cute and adorable and as 'ohmygoshawesome' as I would. They see cake on a stick and think "best idea
ever" and gobble them up. They see custom water bottle labels and suddenly don't think water is such a lame party drink. They appreciate the details.

But buzzkill-itis has reared its ugly head and caused some people to think it's not worth all the
fuss that goes into a custom event. And some of those people suffering from buzzkill-itis are very close to us, and are more than likely under the same roof.

Who is "us"? "Us" is the success-by-design party world. The crafty folks, the detail-oriented folks, the love-my-partner-enough-to-slave-over-a-three-tier-cake-for-his/her-birthday folks.

So, how do you give the gift of a personalized, heartwarming party to someone you don't think will appreciate it? I'm going to make a series of posts on how to tackle the Buzzkill-itis.

Curing the Buzzkill-itis No.2:
Put the "joy" in Joystick

Joystick, game controller, smash pad... whatever. The truth is it's hard to deny the temptation of a really good game party. But why stop at simply playing games when there are a million options available to make it so.much.cooler? Cooler in  a way even the biggest buzz kill won't be able to ruin for the rest of the party.

TheWallaroo on Etsy

Start with the basics: the games. Sure, you could default to a Super Smash Bros party and just plunk down in front of the tv... but that doesn't have the same effect as, say, a retro arcade. Think Geek's "iCade" makes this so simple and so cool. If you've got a guy with gamer blood and an iPad, there's pretty much no way you won't skyrocket to the top of the goodbooks with this gem of a gift/party prop.

Think Geek
Granted, it's $100. So you won't exactly want to set up aisles of these bad boys like an actual arcade.There are smaller scale options that won't clash with the theme, like these add-ons for iPhones and iPads that cost much, much less than the full iCade kit. Have some of these on hand for guests, and watch as you become everyone's new favourite person. Just watch.

Think Geek

Think Geek
There's so much potential for a geeky delicious dessert table your buzz-kill will swoon over! Cookies and cupcakes will never be the same again once s/he knows they can be this awesome. Think Geek has so much stuff to appeal to your geeky buzz-kill dude. Etsy has more than you'd think, too. Turns out geek chic can be handmade, too.

Think Geek

Think Geek

partyhartyhoo on Etsy

studiosweets on Etsy

CakePopShoppe on Etsy

First bacon, now geekery..... am I stereotyping? It seems like it. But the Mister would love love love both of these parties. And he is a big ol' party pooper. Maybe the biggest.

Speaking of the Mister...he turns 25 later this year. Maybe I'll use this opportunity to put this cure to the test!

Love Clementine

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