Happy Stache Stash!

If your life is anything like mine, summer means a million plans, gatherings, and catching up on lost relaxation time. Here in NWO, this means camping, fishing, and getting away every weekend possible. Sometimes, the joys of summer overlap with regular life... and that's when it's convenient to have a little help.

I present to you, for the first time on this blog, my go-to remedy for fuss-free birthdays during lazy summer days... the birthday in a box.

This particular birthday box was for a thirteen-turning-fourteen year old boy who was bummed out that they'd be spending his birthday out on a campground and not doing anything fancy. The solution? The 'Stache Stash.

The birthday dude celebrated his fourteenth birthday in mustache style. An on-the-go photo "booth" with mustache props, a mustache cupcake topper, and a custom banner in his favourite colour were the essentials of this boxed treasure. And to keep the camp setting in mind (as well as the portability) the cupcakes du jour were s'more cupcakes. I used the Naked Cupcake's version of the Bakerella recipe... yum! Also included (not pictured) were about a dozen s'more pops, wrapped individually for everyone to enjoy.

Everything fit nice and neatly into Think Garnish packaging. Their large gable box is an ideal carrier for this birthday package.

I know it's not easy to work magic on every holiday, birthday or special occasion. Sometimes, you need a just-add-water sort of fix--like this birthday in a box (please don't actually add water...). From decor to games to treats, anything goes--so long as it fits in the box! If you find yourself in need of a quick fix like this, try it yourself or drop me a line. You know where to find me ;)

Love Clementine

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