Clem Diaries 06.12.2016: from rhubarb to rooibos

Clem Diaries: A roundup of links to things I've done, made, cooked, eaten, bought, loved, or viewed lately.

I am SO HAPPY that it is finally spring and I've been able to transplant my seedlings into my garden. There were, of course, a few casualties. But that's how a plant murderer rolls.

In no particular order, here is my life in links.

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Our rhubarb plant is out of control, so I made this tasty Rhubarb Pudding Cake recipe from Kitchen Heals Soul.

We really had a LOT of rhubarb, so I also made this yummy pork with sweet onion rhubarb sauce from Eating Well.

I've been on an Etsy shopping spree (shocking!) and am madly in love with the cute animal designs from Heaps Handworks.

I went to the first book launch for Amy Jones' new book, We're All in This Together. I'm maybe 30 pages in (reading on baby time) but totally hooked! Buy it. Read it.

Maman on the Trail is doing an awesome crunchy dad Father's Day giveaway--go check it out!

Erika at A Tiny Rocket has been making art everyday this year and it is absolutely fascinating.

Currently drinking: Sweet Peach Green Rooibos from the International House of Tea.

Have you lived anything worth linking lately? 

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  1. Oh my goodness! Your little one is getting so big!!! When did that happen?!


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