Valentines Day Love Notes for you!

Hey Friends.

It's been a while since I stopped by the Clem blog. Shame on me! But I have treats for you today....

All you love happy souls, it's finally your time of year. Valentines Day.

I thought I'd help you celebrate your love day with some little love notes. For both of you ;)

The Dirty Little Notes have been out of production for over a year now, but every now and then someone asks me for some. Nothing is ever really gone. Because how could I ever say no to people who just want to get down and dirty?

the original Dirty Little Love notes

So I made downloaded sheet of the 8 most popular sayings which you can download here

(please note that this image is for personal use only, not for resale but feel free to share this post with your lovely friends!)

Happy Love Day!

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