Things I can't do

Yeah, you read that correctly. But don't be sad for me. (that's me above, pouting over a long wait for a drink - because that's what adults do)

I posted this on my blog a few months ago and I loved the response of others embracing our Can't Dos so I thought I'd give it another go over with the Clementine crowd! I actually kind of (totally) stole this post idea from the fabulous Wonder Forest who posted her list of can't do's on her blog (read hers here) and I loved the idea.

So many times we focus maybe too much on how great others are at things and feel bad that maybe we aren't as good at those things. Everyone has their strengths AND their weaknesses. All of us do. So I love the idea of sharing, and embracing all the things we don't rock at!

I can't throw a ball (or anything for that matter). It's seriously embarrassing. It's like my hand just forgets to let go and whatever is in my hand just falls in front of me. I can kick really well, I can bat really well, I can catch really well, there's just something about throwing that doesn't work for me! one day I'll have to tell you some of the embarrassing stories.

I still struggle with their, they're and there. English is hard you guys. I still have to think for a second before I type one of them. I blame it on French Immersion. In fact, it's a good thing blogger has spellcheck - my spelling is really not that stellar at all. But I can speak good ;)

I can't stop annoying people from bothering me. I take peoples mean and negative attitudes too personally. And I really shouldn't. That's their (see that took me a second) shitty karma. But one stupid sarcastic comment can eat away at me and I have to try really hard not to be a bitch back. Because I'm mean when I'm bitchy. Sometimes it comes in handy, because I'm good at putting bad people in their place, but then I feel bad about being such a bitch... and on and on it goes. But who wants to try to care less? That seems wrong. (2016 update I am actually working on this one and so far, 2 weeks into the new year no one has pushed me over the happy edge!)

I can't be late for anything. Now, you may think this is a good thing. But no. If I feel like I'm going to be even the slightest bit late, because of traffic or someone else or mother nature blowing in a tornado or whatever the reasons beyond my control, I get anxiety. And anxiety is not fun. For me or for anyone else involved. As an adventurous traveller, this can make for stressful times. But the good thing is, I don't let it run my life. I just take a shot and keep going ;)

I can't cry. Ok, let me clarify. I can cry if I get overwhelmed or really really happy. But I can't sad cry. This is a tough one to admit. It freaks people out. I don't do sadness. Like not really at all. As someone who has struggled with depression, this might seem odd, but nope. People all around me might be sad crying and I just get really uncomfortable. I just can't do the sadness thing. But I'm really good one on one with a crying friend, probably because I'm not a weepy person I have the ability to talk people down. With the exception of one unfortunate broken heart, I've just never been a cryer (drunk crying doesn't count you guys)

There are many more things I can't do, but that's enough sharing for today. It's your turn. What can't you guys do?

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