Here's to 2016!

Happy New Year!

This is a great time for reflection, make new plans, read yearly horoscopes and clean house. I love it. The feeling of a fresh start.

I'm not one for New Years resolutions. But I am one for goals. And not just yearly, I sit down and do this at the start of every month (this is especially great for small business owners, to help from being overwhelmed from grand yearly goals - break them into monthly goals!) But on a personal note I definitely have some goals I'd like to set for myself for 2016, so here I am sharing them with you.

Read more books! I did ok last year, according to my Goodreads page I read 9 books. So I figure if I aim for 1 a month I'm doing awesome. I love to read, but it's always the first thing to drop off when life gets busy. I can't just sit and read for 10 minutes, I love getting sucked in and lost for hours. To try and help keep me on track I started the thunderpeep book club over on my blog. You can come follow along if you like. You don't have to read the same books as me, but definitely share what you're reading!

Be the Change you want to see in the world. Last year on the blog I talked a lot about trying to be less wasteful and think more about our impact on the planet. This year I figure it's best to lead by example. I did pretty well at eliminating my waste - I was down to half a bag every 2 weeks. I'm also going to up my game with keeping my purchases as local as possible. Everything you could possibly need can be made within North America, so why not support us.

Be more present. I'm not as attached to my phone/internet/social media as most of my friends, but I definitely want to disconnect more and spend more real life time with friends. It's much more satisfying and as much as I love my emojis, nothing beats a real life hug ;)

And lastly...
Draw or write something everyday. I have a lot of projects and goals for my business for 2016 so I'm hoping this keeps me motivated and on track. The point is actually to not write/draw something related to the projects, but any doodle to keep the creative juices flowing. I've been getting myself back into random doodling over the Holidays and I forgot how much fun it is to have no pressure, no end game, no purpose other than the joy of being creative.

These are all pretty open goals, I gave up trying to force myself to give up things on New Years Day. It's the best day to eat chocolate. For reals! (although I'm drinking a detox tea as I type this because the Holiday eating has caught up with me, but there are a couple of Lindors waiting for me!)

Any goals for the new year you want to share, or book recommendations for my book club?

Michelle / thunderpeep

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