Clem Diaries 30.Jan.2017: from my whereabouts to walnut tea

Clem diaries: a roundup of links to things I've done, made, cooked, eaten, bought, loved, or viewed lately.

Hello, old friend. Long time no talk! Some big changes have been brewing off the blog.

Long story short, I ditched my day job in favour of freelancing from home, so I can savour every precious (and sometimes stinky) moment of baby clemington's first years. There may also be more education in the works. This is the most exciting and terrifying thing I've ever done!

It took me a few months of an unplanned hiatus to get my head wrapped around being self-employed. I debated calling it quits on this blog to focus on my career change. I've come back around, and I'm excited to keep sharing my adventures with you.

In the meantime, here is my life in links:

  • I popped over to Toronto in October, and fell in love with chow mein noodles in burritos at Chino Locos in Leslieville.
  • I decided to give myself credit for motherhood by including baby books in my 50 Book Pledge. I swear I read most of those three times a day.
  • Michelle over at thunderpeep has a new outlook on life in publishing! I love it all, including this amazing Arctic Wildlife Activity Book.
  • I've been freelancing for a few years, but now that I'm doing it exclusively I am super stoked to have started out using Harvest App many moons ago. If you're considering going solo, this is a great tool to keep you on track.
  • I started using these reusable food pouches to feed baby clemington smoothies and messy foods on the go---he loves them! And it's less wasteful than the store-bought pouches, so yay!
  • I'm the worst at dusting. So, this article about a SAHM paying a housekeeper really scored some points with me.
  • Sometimes I am really proud to live in Thunder Bay. Especially when the Executive Director of a local children's agency talks the talk about mental health funding.
  • I've started an obsessive mealplanning regime and am giving it a three month probabtionary phase before I share it all with you. So far, so good! I'm excited for being organized about food.
  • Current brew: Toasted Walnut Sencha
  • And my featured tweet is about my new Twitter account for all things related to my Consulting business. If you're looking for Communications work or Knowledge Translation help, I'm your girl. 

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