Happy Winter

It's here. My favourite time of the year. Winter. I'll pause while the majority of you grunt.

Here in Toronto it snowed for about 25 minutes on Saturday. That is the ONLY sign we've had that it is anywhere near the Winter Solstice. While I'm in the minority of unhappy people, I do expect to gain some supporters once the 24th hits and people start to cry in their egg nogs that there will be no snow for Christmas. How will Santa and the reindeer manage in this heat???

The coming of Winter, the Winter Solstice, Midwinter... whatever you may choose to call it, tends to be overlooked a) because most people are cry babies about the cold and snow and b) everyone is focused on Christmas. Not here at thunderpeep headquarters. This is our second favourite day of the year (the first of coarse being the celebration of my birth) And it's done up in style. Or at least I try. I have to admit I don't have as many supporters in my Midwinter celebration, but every year I try.

The Midwinter celebration is similar to it's sister Midsummer in the sense that it is a welcoming of the light. You might find that strange as it's the longest and darkest day of the year. But because it's the longest, that means after the solstice, the days actually start to get longer. And while modern society actually recognizes the 4 seasons, these celebrations date back to Viking times, and the Vikings only celebrated the 2 Summer and Winter seasons. So to them, this was the middle of winter, it was the start of the trek back to light and summer. The Vikings Midwinter feast was actually a 12 day celebration (sound familiar?) with sacrifices to the Gods, lot's of eating and drinking, the burning of a Sunwheel, and the Yule log. Now while we are all familiar with the Yule log cake (which I'm making for the first time this year) in Viking times it was a large oak log decorated with sprigs of fir, holly or yew, that they carved Runes on to while seeking protection from any misfortunes. The Viking Yule is still celebrated in some areas of the world and who knows, maybe in the future I'll make it to one. But for this year I hosted some friends for a giant smorgasbord feast. In front of my new fake fireplace. 2 days before the actual solstice. You do what you can. There is ZERO chance of snow for the changing of the season. Don't even get me started. How are you celebrating the coming of winter, and more importantly is there snow where you are?

And speaking of celebrations, today is also a very special day because it's Carole's BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Yay! WooHoo!!!! Birthday Cake!!!!! Hopefully you're being spoiled by your family Carole and getting loads of cake and treats.

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