Even More About Me

So, you want to know more about me? That's brave. and kinda weird. and awesome.

I'm a small town girl from Northern Ontario, but I snuck away to Toronto to go to university and learn a few tricks.  Aside from family, what I missed most about being away from my hometown was the proximity to water and open air. What I miss most about being back home is easy access to concerts, craft shows, and trendy donut shops.

I am one of eight siblings in a loud, blended family. My background is East Asian and Country Bumpkin, and I am determined to make one of my siblings host the worlds most confusing pig roast for their wedding. I am happily unmarried to my best friend, and in 2015 we made a tiny human. Baby Clemington is the world's cutest baby, and would win all the trophies if I were the type of mom to put him in contests.

I started this blog in 2011 as an outlet for party planning ideas. As you can imagine, with seven siblings and four parents and a plethora of friends and munchkins, there are a lot of parties in my life. I tried to coin the term "creatiopathy", which is a totally made up scientific-sounding word that would have meant "creative tendencies bordering on sociopathy", or "antisocial creative A.D.D." I am a big believer in knowing when to quit, so am letting that term die a quiet death. But not such a quiet death that I kept it out of this bio.

The blog has grown up and out over the years, and now includes all of my adventures as a creative type. When I'm not blogging or momming, I'm probably at work. I am a big fan of making information easy to digest, and have a day job in communications/knowledge translation to help make that easier. If you care to learn more about my day-job, you can creep me on LinkedIn.

I love poetry, indie-films, and supporting local/Canadian/handmade. I believe in being kind to yourself in order to be a person who can be kind to others. I believe in spontaneous kitchen dance breaks. I believe in raising feminist sons. I believe in adventures, and I believe in luxurious lazy afternoons. I believe in only buying/eating/doing/keeping what you love.

Some of my favourite things:
strong coffee
virgin caesars
classic hollywood
John Cusack
Margaret Atwood
Brand New
polka dots
watercolour pencils