Clem Diaries 03.July.2016: from fancy coffee to fast cars

Clem Diaries: A roundup of links to things I've done, made, cooked, eaten, bought, loved, or viewed lately.

I have been missing in action lately, soaking in as much garden sun as possible between thunderstorms and forgetting to put it all on instagram.

I hurt my back last week and Dougalove was a SAINT and took over all the duties of my torso. Well, with the exception of breastfeeding and basic bodily functions. But I feel like he would have done those things for me if it were an option. Because he's great.

Anywho! In no particular order, here is my life in links.

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I randomly decided to mix tea with coffee last week, only to discover that this is a thing! And it's called Yuanyang Tea! And it's actually a Hong Kong thing! And as a half-Hong-King-thing myself, I am pretty jazzed about this discovery! And yay to exclamation marks!

I just fell in love with these affordable and cute drool bibs from StellaStellinaLove on Etsy and bought enough for Baby Clemington to wear one every day of the week... because baby drool.

I've been online-window-shopping the heck out of local #tbay recycled clothing company Ungalli.

And in my online window-shopping journey, I also fell in love with this Tentree "Wembley" sweater which I'm assuming is named after the Fraggle Rock character. Which makes that company extra amazing.

This snarky card from Carolyn Draws is begging to be added to my stationery stash.

If I had thought it through, this Lumberjack Photo Prop set from Love Lettering Toronto would have been an excellent plan for Canada Day. Maybe next year?

My sister and I went to see City and Colour a couple weeks ago when his tour stopped in Thunder Bay. He's really good live, yet I am more likely to put on Alexisonfire when I'm at home if I need a Dallas Green fix. That voice is amazing.

This two minute chocolate mug cake is a quick fix for a chocolate craving for two. And by "fix" I mean you won't want sugar again for like a week. So, you're welcome.

My tea of the week: Se Chung Oolong from International House of Tea.

I have lately been a wee bit obsessed with the apparent trend of remixing Tracy Chapman's Fast Car. I don't understand the appeal, so I gawk at it. Kind of like how I react to Trump supporters. *averts eye contact*

Also, fun fact, I was born the year Fast Car came out. Just in case you all needed a moment to feel uncomfortable.

Have you lived anything worth linking lately? 

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