Clem Diaries 05.29.2016: from cubits to cupcakes

Clem Diaries: A roundup of links to things I've done, made, cooked, eaten, bought, loved, or viewed lately.

The last few weeks have felt as chaotic as Christmas. I'm experiencing an early spring holiday-hangover for absolutely no reason. Let's just say there are a lot of pajama days happening, and all the coffee.

In no particular order, here is my life in links.

If you're in Zone 3, now is a good time to stock up on last minute seeds from Cubits.

I am really feeling the vibe of this snacks tank top from True Confessions Style.

If you want an overdose of cuteness, check out this ring bearer outfit from Retro Mabel. I want to hipster the heck out of baby clemington, stat.

I'm sure we all know someone who is spring cleaning their love life, and should be congratulated with this breakup card from Thunderpeep.

This travel post from Renee at ReCreative Works has me wanting to go back to Chicago, asap.

Craving a tug on your heartstrings? Read this emotional post from Young House Love.

As usual, this Magical Frosting recipe from Mel's Kitchen Cafe worked amazingly.

The frosting pairs fabulously with this cupcake recipe from Natasha's Kitchen.

My nephew turned seven this week, and sharks were involved. I'm sure I'll blog about it later... Maybe.

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Have you lived anything worth linking lately? 

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