Clem Diaries 17.April.2016: from smoothies to snapchat

Clem Diaries on A roundup of links to things I've done, made, cooked, eaten, bought, loved, or viewed lately.

I hope you're all enjoying a lovely lazy Sunday! In no particular order, here is my life in links:

My hometown was featured in Dine Magazine, and it sounds delicious.

This oatmeal and orange smoothie from Bake Eat Repeat might not sound like a great idea... but trust me, it is a great idea.

This falafel recipe from Minimalist Baker is the easiest and most delicious thing I have made in awhile. Eat it with eggs, if you are into that sort of thing.

You can now get a mystery grab bag of greeting cards from Sea & Lake for $10USD, and that is pretty fantastic. Go. Now.

I scared Baby Clemington out of a nursing nap by laughing out loud at this Lip Sync battle with Melissa McCarthy.

I have been enjoying my lazy-mom-chic look a little bit more with this Nerd tank from Little Inklings Design.

I just joined SnapChat and am using it to show progress on projects I might blog about later (without being held accountable because of the 24 hour expiry). Add me: creativeclem

Have you lived anything worth linking lately? 

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