#BabyClemington: Week #40 (+ say hello to Thunderpeep!)

#BabyClemington: 40 weeks pregnant and ready to POP!

Hello my lovelies!!

Just popping in to say.... HOLY SHMOKES I am full term this week. Can you believe it?? I am a whopping 40 weeks preggo. I am expecting to pop any day now, so will be disappearing (even more!) from blog life...

I fully realize that I have been missing in action for the last couple months already while I prepared (a smidgen obsessively) for baby, so my continued absence is likely no big surprise. HOWEVER. For the next little while, I have a super special guest blogger taking over while I figure out how to adult...mom-style.

Michelle from Thunderpeep Designs will be guest blogging on CreativeClementine.com for a little while.

The lovely and creative Michelle from Thunderpeep has offered to take care of my bloggy life while I get used to baby life! I am SO EXCITED for you to get to know her better and for all the fun things she will bring to the blog. Who knows, maybe you'll like her better and I'll be out of a blog job. :)

Some fun facts about Michelle (aka Thunderpeep):

  • Michelle is a Canadian maker and shaker. She *(correction)* works with the Etsy Toronto street team and recently helped organize the Etsy Made in Canada show this fall. 
  • Michelle and I met in 2011 at my first-ever craft show, Made by Hand (which I blogged about here) and became friends via the power of the interweb. Love it!
  • You can shop her awesome products on Etsy here and Society6 here.
  • Michelle wrote a freaking book! You can read all about that right here
  • Her birthday is the same day as #babyclemington's due date!!  How cool is that?!
  • Last but not least: I love her! This girl rocks. You are being left in incredibly creative, awesome, and sassy hands while I am distracted by tiny clothes and motherhood. <3

Follow Michelle:

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You may see a few posts from me later on as I learn how to balance my mom life... In the meantime, enjoy this time with Michelle! I just know you'll love her. 

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  1. SO excited to be hanging out with everyone for the next little while while Carole gets ready for life as a threesome! We're going to have some FUN times, but don't worry Clem, not too much fun ;)
    Just one note - while I am a leader with the Toronto Etsy Street Team, there's an amazing group of ladies who run all things TEST and Made In Canada/Toronto (our fearless leader is Ele from Minouette --> http://minouette.blogspot.ca/) The rest is all true though :) and fingers crossed BabyClemington will get to share my awesome birth date!


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