#RealTalk: That post where I admit there is a lot going on right now.

Is anyone surprised that I am having issues balancing all my lives? My busy pre-maternity-leave work life, my messy just-moved-haven't-really-unpacked-yet home life, my tired-and-preggo-but-still-wanting-to-be-involved-in-things life, and my supposed-to-be-creative-blogging life. No? Nobody is surprised?? I guess it's just me.

I should probably stop downplaying the progress I've made on the house. I am exhausted most days, after all. Making a baby is hard work!! And I'm terrible at giving my fella any sort of helpful instruction/guidance on what I envisioned happening with the piles of crap that have yet to be unpacked, so shouldn't be so tough on myself for those things not happening. But let's face it: the house is only one small concern among a myriad of totally understandable, overwhelming concerns.

Let's pause for a moment to be happy about some of the house progress, since I feel like a whiner. Say hello to my pretty new couch and wall colour. Let's not talk about the weird suede chocolate milk coloured blinds.

Now, back to my confessing how hard it is being me. (cue dramatic violin music)

I'm not just toughing out a pregnancy--there will be a breathing, pooping, boogering baby at the end of the pregnancy, which I haven't quite wrapped my head around (this is when most of you go--"UMM, you have like, negative five minutes left to figure that out, silly woman.").

I'm leaving a job that is split into two unequal (and 90% unrelated) parts for a little over a year, and have had trouble not getting stressed out about that. And I'm a control freak, which makes walking away from my work really hard to do without losing my cool.

I've been feeling like a slacker in the sister/auntie/daughter department, because all I can focus on is getting my work done at work, then coming home and getting home ready for life and baby, and I haven't been around much lately. There are important birthday milestones coming up in my family I am unprepared to celebrate, because of the aforementioned struggle to keep it all balanced.

Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday, and was tragically crammed into the busiest pre-baby month... so was good but not great. And runner up in the fave holidays department is Halloween, which I didn't even bother prepping a costume for. I am also all too aware that Christmas is going to be a bust this year because I will be coping with new motherhood, and have already started Christmas shopping/planning to make up for it.

I haven't tackled a creative project in what feels like a long, long time. I didn't even make a picture to go with this post.

And, I'm tired.

I don't usually like to whine without offering a solution or some sort of positive spin. So I will leave on this note: I have five work days left until my holidays/maternity kicks in. Which means soon there will be more time to breathe. More time to (maybe?) do something creative. More time to be tired and not feel bad about it.

You just might be hearing more from me after next week! Fingers crossed this lil' dude in my belly gives his mama a break before he comes out to play.

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