#RealTalk: the scoop on #clemsbigmove!

The scoop on #clemsbigmove

Happy Monday! For my Canadian friends, today is one of those fancy optional holidays that I'm lucky enough to get to paid to stay home for. Hooray!  Now, onto the part of this post where I dish about why I moved.

Around the time I took the blog in a new direction and bought my house, I thought I was going to do amazeballs things to it. I had big, big plans. Most of them were a whole lot bigger than me. After giving it the ol' college try for three years, my fella and I decided to bring in a contractor to get us some quotes. Find out what the pricetag really was on all those big dreams I couldn't seem to get around to starting on.

Guys. I have really expensive ideas. And not one of those ideas seemed worth the money when I found out I was pregnant.

My fella and I figured that even spending a fortune on my little old house would not solve two major problems: tiny kitchen, and no yard. Two things I really cared about in terms of having a kid running around. Better off putting that investment in a new house altogether. So, we called my realtor.

Holy whiplash, batman. I blinked and my realtor had sold my house without listing and that same weekend we made an offer on another house. Everything lined up perfectly.

One thing I realize is that I barely even showed you my old house. Bad blogger! I blame my tendency to want to show you rooms when they are perfect (not very #HumanBlogger-y of me), and the fact that life happens and rooms are never perfect long enough to snap a photo. Now that I don't live there, I might be able to let that go and show you some before and after pics.... since, clearly, those are projects that are never going to be finished now!! I'll even do some blog organization and make a separate page for the old house tour. Because I'm efficient like that. (Update: you can check out the old house tour via the Clem's Cottage tag)

If you're interested in seeing what's up with the new house, you can follow along on Instagram and Twitter by following the hashtag #clemsbigmove. The updates will ebb and flow... I am working on a pregnant woman's energy levels here, folks. :)

Happy Monday!

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