#BabyClemington: the first 23 weeks!

#BabyClemington Pregnancy Update: 23 weeks down, 17 to go.

Happy Monday!!

Since I was extra late to sharing my big news with you, I also missed out on sharing all of the awesome, super Clementine-appropriate milestones in the process. The first twenty or so weeks are jam-packed with stories to tell, so here are five bite-sized morsels of the stories you missed out on.

The first 23 weeks (summed up in 5 mini stories!!)

1. Telling my mom:
I waited until about nine/ten weeks to tell my parents (the full twelve seemed impossible!). I wanted to be a little less than forthcoming with the announcement, but I had trouble deciding on what to do. The idea of physically handing her the pregnancy tests was weird (I peed on those! ew), so I told my mom using this super cute gotamago card with a short and sweet message inside:

card via gotamago on etsy }

Message inside: "Baby Wonton: ETA November"

My family nickname is Wonton, so it seemed like the appropriate food to baby-ize. The reaction went from confused to crying pretty quick!! It was hilarious and emotional all at the same time. I told her a few days before the ultrasound, but if we had the photo that would have been a pretty perfect option for inside, too. Either way, I am pretty pumped that a Canadian-made card with baby back ribs on the front of it brought (brings, still!) my mother to tears.

2. Telling my dad:
We had a very nice day trip planned with my dad and stepmom, so we told them in a fairly picturesque way: on a rooftop patio, in a small Minnesotan town, eating amazing local icecream while looking at Lake Superior. Afterwards, we talked baby business while walking along the rocky shore and through town. It was a pretty beautiful day for sharing such big news.

#BabyClemington Pregnancy Update: 23 weeks down, 17 to go.

3. Telling my siblings:
My twelve week mark fell pretty close to Mother's Day, so when the whole clan got together for brunch I sent out a group text saying, "Happy Mother's Day!" with the ultrasound pic and the hashtag #babyclemington at the bottom (you can see it in the main post image). That was extra funny because I had to sneakily tell everyone to check their phones... because in May, we still wear coats where I live, and the polite thing to do at a special brunch is keep your phone in your pocket. Anyway... I got pretty obvious after awhile, but it was super funny. Also, I ordered a LOT of food that day, so if I hadn't told them they might have suspected it anyway....

4. Telling the world:
A whole lot of changes happened right off the bat with this pregnancy... the early decision to move was especially disruptive. We held off on telling the Facebook and blog world until we had told our family and closest friends. And after that was done, we decided just to wait until we moved into the new house, so we could announce both at once. What's a couple more weeks when you've already gone 18 without a word?

The cute sneakers photo was my fella's idea. I'm starting to learn that when he has super sweet ideas, they are seriously rockstar sweet ideas. 

A photo posted by C.Lem (@creativeclementine) on

5. Starting to show:
Between laughing about the fact that I wasn't showing yet at the anatomy ultrasound, which was on a Wednesday, and picking up the keys to the new house on the following Tuesday, my belly went on slow-inflate mode... and so started my late-blooming bump. That Saturday we moved in, and suddenly the baby was moving full force. Zero to sixty in less than ten days! I knew it would be fast, but nobody ever explained you can feel it happening. Like a bike pump was hidden somewhere and filling me with air as slowly as possible. So cool!

My bump photos are terrible, but you get the jist. Maybe the last chunk of my pregnancy will have better photos as we settle into the new house...

#BabyClemington Pregnancy Update: 23 weeks down, 17 to go.

That's my mini pregnancy update!! Hope you're all having a fabulous start to your week.

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  1. Love it! I still can't believe you were able to wait as long as you did! I told my parents and Matt's mom/ grandparents right away (by showing them the first chalkboard).


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