Choose Your Own Adventure: April Recap & May Goals

Choose Your Own Adventure: A Monthly Goal Setting Link Up

Happy Monday! And Happy Mental Health Week. I won't go on a rant about it today, but if you're interested in what that's all about, click here.

I keep finding myself writing "February" on forms at work. That's a sick, twisted mind trick. To add to the confusion, Ontario kept getting snow all month. If we get May snowstorms, I'll start looking at Florida real estate.

ANYWAY. Onto my recap, yes?

April's finance goals recap:

Goal #1: Short-Term House Project Budgeting (100% Success)
The good news is, I achieved this goal in its entirety and got quotes for doing everything at once, or piece by piece. The bad news is, now I officially know how much stuff I can't afford to do. For realsies, not just anecdotally. Dang.

Goal #2: Long-Term House Repair Budgeting (100% Success)
I stumbled upon a convenient list of window dimensions I scribbled on a paint swatch when I moved in and thought I would tackle every set of blinds all at once. Hooray! This task was half done for me. I typed up the list, added doors and the dimensions of problem-rooms, and called it a win. I am now prepared to shop for doors and windows on a moment's notice. 

Goal #3: Meal Planning & Food Budgeting (50% Success)
This didn't go over as well as planned. We were pretty good about daily smoothies (five days a week-ish), but ultimately failed at going out less. And I started a new routine (bad timing) of getting a latté and a breakfast sandwich on the way to work. Whoops. By the end of the month (three days still counts, right?), I whipped myself back into shape a bit. I've been making overnight oatmeal on weeknights and getting my french press ready for coffee in the morning. Now we just have to keep up with the extra dishes.

May's theme is read

May is actually a pretty odd month for the reading theme to fall into. There are several literary events where I live, including a really unique presentation with two Canadian authors (Joseph Boyden and Richard Wagamese) for Mental Health Week. The authors are friends in real life, and are essentially going to sit up on stage and talk about their lives, their mental health, and what has made them resilient. I think that's pretty cool. In addition to that, I signed up for a writing workshop with one of the authors (Wagamese) with a local writers group for the same week. All in all, May's a pretty lit-savvy month in my world.

May reading goals:

1. Update my 2015 book pledge list.
I started the year being almost weirdly quick with my Twitter updates for my 50 Book Pledge. Lately, I've been slacking. During May, I want to update my Read list, my Currently Reading list, and my To Be Read list. I'm enough of a book nerd that I like my reading adventures organized and properly accounted for.

2. Blog about some of my favourite books.
Considering I'm an English major, I rarely nerd out on my blog. I feel as though this month's challenge gives me permission to change that. Expect some reading suggestions from me! Maybe even themed reading lists, if I'm feeling sassy.

3. Read something local.
Something written by an Ontario writer, if not someone from Thunder Bay. I do have some local anthologies I could take a crack at this month, and am not too shy to ask some of the writers at the workshop I'm attending for copies of their books. Or, you know, googling them.

I'll be posting my updates at the beginning of next month, and linking up on Not Entirely PerfectLife According to Steph, and Keeping up with Ashley and Cody blogs. The goal for June is nonexistent, because the challenge is taking the summer off. Meaning I won't get anything accomplished for awhile...  :) 

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  1. Way to rock it out on the finances! I didn't do great with not eating out either in April. Whoops.
    I still don't even know what to do for the read challenge. It's a struggle for me, I wish I had events like that to attend! Ok ok, I'm in Chicago - I'm sure I do. I just have to find them.

  2. I'm not good at setting goals at all. If I set a goal, I never stick with it, then I get so bummed out. I don't make New Year's resolutions either. I should be more like you and try some of your tips. We'll see. Sounds great!


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