Choose Your Own Adventure: March Recap & April goals

Choose Your Own Adventure: A Monthly Goal Setting Link Up


Whoopsie! I am unfashionably late to the party this month. I realize I say this on a monthly basis, but my-oh-my does time ever fly. It's time to link up with Steph at Not Entirely Perfect, and set my goals for a brand new month.

March's relationship goals recap:

Relationship #1: Me + Me (0% success)
I planned on working some self-care into my new blog series, but it hasn't happened yet. The series is still going, though, so I still have a shot! Offline, I think I completely failed this one. I was possibly harder on myself than ever this month, and definitely overworked my brain. There may or may not have been some significant life decisions made, though. Maybe.

Relationship #2: Me + You (100% success)
This goal involved improvements to my current relationships, on and offline. This month, I started cohosting a brand spanking new Link Party called Idea Box. I've be-blog-friended some awesome new ladies, and have discovered more great bloggers in the process. I have also reconnected with a few old friends offline, and celebrated many important things with my friends I see regularly. All in all, a very strong pass.

Relationship #3: You + You (100% success)
This goal was to help share some of my learned tricks for how to build kindness into your life, and rock your relationships. Adding the new Kindness by Design series to the blog and this goals list made it pretty easy to get a passing grade for March. Check out the posts so far:

Kindness by Design: planning towards a kinder life (Blog Series via

And my April financial goals:

Goal #1: Short-Term House Project Budgeting
These days, it feels like every sentence starts with "I can't afford to...". The silly thing is, I haven't really done the math on any of it. I can't afford a new kitchen (because anecdotally, kitchen renovations are super expensive.). I can't afford to redo my bathroom (because, again, anecdotally, that sh*t is pricey). Something I haven't really bothered to do is to price things out based on my house. The actual dimensions and possibilities haven't been taken into account. So, one of my goals for this month is to actually budget/get quotes for/figure out what my tiny little kitchen and tiny little bathroom would cost to pretty up.

Goal #2: Long-Term House Repair Budgeting
In a similar vein, I am determined to be prepared for less dramatic but ultimately significant fixes to the house. I am going to inventory all the windows in my house by size and priority for replacing, so that when windows go on sale (I'm talking over the next decade) I don't miss out. I am going to make a list of all of the doors in my house (also by size) so that if I find a great deal or a beautiful antique at the Restore, I can snag it without having to run home and measure things. If I'm up to it, I might even choose a few rooms that could use new floors and add their dimensions to the list, so that I can sale-shop for flooring, too.

Goal #3: Meal Planning & Food Budgeting 

It has been ages since I set a proper food budget. I also notice that working in a building with a cafeteria leads to me bringing lunches less often and buying my coffee in the morning instead of making it at home.  Also, I notice that the fella and I tend to mealplan somewhat aggressively/unproductively, without accounting for laziness or leftovers. We've got quite a bit to work on in this department, including getting ourselves into a routine of eating breakfast consistently and having smoothies every day. As far as I'm concerned, daily green smoothies means less worry about balanced veggie-filled meals. Laziness.

I'll be posting my updates at the beginning of next month, and linking up on Not Entirely Perfect, Life According to Steph, and Keeping up with Ashley and Cody blogs. The theme for May is read... which I am going to put 0% effort into and come out 100% successful. I am bookworm, hear me roar.

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  1. I need to get in on this goal setting thing. I try and get about a day in and completely forget I even have a schedule set. Distracted by shiny things!
    And FYI, I'm fully with you on the green smoothie benefits. I mean I strongly dislike cutting and cookie vegetables. It's so much easier to throw them in the blender and drink 'er down. Not Lazy, but practical. I know my cookiness laziness habits all too well to try to fool myself ;) Plus they're just so pretty in a drink!

    1. I think I have overdone smoothies!! I didn't think it was possible.

  2. I hate when I'm too aggressive in my meal planning. I am actually working through my pantry and freezer which is basically where the overly aggressive stuff ends up.

    Great idea to actually get quotes. A lot of times things are less (or more, too, I guess) than we think. But we truly don't know until we have the hard numbers.

    Be kind to yourself this month!

    1. Getting quotes has been both a relief and a bit depressing. Good to know for sure, though!!

  3. I feel the same about house budgeting. We're in the process of buying but we just make up numbers for things that would 'need to be fixed.' I mean, what's the baseline for re-doing a kitchen? If you figure it out, let me know!

    1. I got an answer!! YAY! My contractor says always use $20 000 as baseline. Depending on your space and your tastes, it will go up or down from there. But any kitchen, of any size, can be a $20 000 job. Either a fancy tiny kitchen or a builder grade big kitchen.


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