Choose Your Own Adventure: January Recap and February Goals

Choose Your Own Adventure Linkup

January's Choose Your Own Adventure linkup theme was Complete. This was the month I was supposed to cross things off of my to-do list instead of moving them to the next to-do list. Notice the operative word there, supposed. 

Let's be honest. January is a blah, icky month at the best of times. This year was no exception. Christmas was chaotic as usual, and led to me binge playing SimCity in my pajamas. Oh, and then there was that super productive decision to participate in a reading challenge and commit to drawing something each day this month. Don't get me wrong--I'm loving all the reading time. And drawing, though I failed to do it each day, is something I also enjoy and was pumped to do it. There just may have been some dissonance in my simultaneous challenges.

Oh! I also got sick. Because it's January, and that's what we do. Needless to say.... I didn't get a whole lot done. Here is my recap:
  1. Craft Room blog post.
    100% Failed.
    So, funny story. I was sitting in the living room with my fella and we heard a loud crash from upstairs... Followed by what sounded like marbles rolling around all over the place. Evidently, a shelf I put up lazily a year ago in my craft room decided to fall down and make a big mess. And since it's January, and I'm tired.... I haven't cleaned this up. I pretty much swept up the glass and made a conscious effort just to not look in there. I'll get around to it eventually. When I have the energy to patch up my old plaster walls.

  2. Guest Room blog post.

    100% Success.Nailed. ItThis is the only thing I got done this month. And you know what? If I had to do only one thing this month, I'm pretty pumped this was it. It's gnometastic.

    Check it out here.
    Guest + Reading Room Makeover on
  3. important room in the house.
    95% failed.
    I made a bit of progress here... nothing to write home about. I patched up some brutal walls, primed, and bought paint. This secret project involves an empty room, which actually omits some of the messy house motivation since working on this space affects NOTHING. Seeing it through is based on the principle of the thing at this point. However, the fact that what it will eventually be is still a secret assuages any "bad blogger" guilt I would usually have for not finishing it. 

Now... February's goal is create. Start something new, make something up. I think I will make this one EXTRA easy for myself, since I am still in January blah mode.

February's Create goals:

  1. Create... something fun from one of January's #30daysketchchallenge drawings. I had a lot of fun making quote art from one of the August sketch challenge doodles, so I want to keep that going.
  2. Create... a blog schedule. I have a mental to-do list all the time, but I haven't gotten very good at writing it down. I've realized lately that my brain is less reliable than a digital or paper calendar/list of ideas.
  3. Create... a new tradition. My fella and I are going on a super short and sweet trip to Chicago later this month. It isn't quite our first getaway together, but it is our first one without any of my siblings involved. I want to make a point of beginning a vacation tradition. I'm not sure if it will be simple like a selfie at the hotel or by a landmark, or if I should try to find a specific kind of souvenir. I'm new to this, and want it to be something we can accomplish at any vacation spot without too much trouble. If anyone has any vacation tradition ideas, I would love to hear them! 

I'll be posting my updates at the beginning of next month, and linking up on Not Entirely PerfectLife According to Steph, and Keeping up with Ashley and Cody blogs. The theme for March is relationships.

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  1. I think the guest room alone was enough to knock your January goals out of the park!

    We typically buy mugs and/or magnets on our travels. Sometimes, Christmas ornaments. After 12 years we have a lot of travel crap. LOL

    1. That sounds like a lot of mugs! I'm going to need to think this through before committing. :)

  2. I'm sorry you got sick! The guest room is totally cute. Good luck this month.

  3. I love the vacation tradition idea! My boyfriend and I haven't really developed traditions and I would like to start.

    You didn't have a ton of goals but each one sounds like a TON of work! Your guest room looks fabulous and if I were you, I would probably have split that one room into 20 different "goals." So I'm giving you 20 100% grades.

    1. Sweet! That improves my average score significantly ;)

  4. The guest room was so awesome though, I think that should count for extra! Yikes about the craft room though, not fun.
    Good luck with February! #3 is a cute idea. Personally, I like Chicago food (of course I'm biased) so what about try a locally famous dish/restaurant at each city?

    1. Yes! I wasn't sure if that was too close to touristy and not enough couple-tradition-y. But it actually fits us quite well.

      Chicago recommendations? :)

  5. Wow - love your room! What a magical place - perfect reading spot :)

  6. I started a blog content calendar in January on a spread sheet and I have loved it so far. It really is nice to know what to expect each day.

    1. I have started my own spreadsheet, too. It's hard to stay on top of it, though, when there are days I don't even turn on my computer. I may need to find a mobile solution..

  7. I love your list and how you hold yourself accountable. I totally am going to start doing this. It's nice to know that I am not the only one that doesn't succeed in my goal list. Thanks so much for sharing. Thanks for linking this up to Totally Terrific Tuesday! I can't wait to see what you have to share this week!


    1. I like the goal setting challenge because I tend to beat myself up for not getting things done. I think it forces me to think in a healthier way about goals. Giving bite sized amounts of credits instead of no credit at all. It seems to be working :p


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