Unplug the tree--today is all about ME!


So, world. Today is my birthday.

Yes, my name is Carole. Yes, I am a Christmas baby. Yes, it is as much of a bummer as people say it is.

So, please forgive me. I am blocking out the Christmas music. I am boycotting all retail establishments. I am cutting myself off from my short-lived spree of Christmas-related blog posts and switching gears. Because my name is Carole, and I am a Christmas baby. And I prefer my birthday candles not be blown out by the elf-on-the-shelf, thank you very much.


I do see some humour in this, of course. For instance, my middle name is Noelle, so I am like a porkchop marinated in Christmas nomenclature. I blame whatever pain killers they were giving mothers in labour during the 1980's. Also, I actually really enjoy the Christmas holidays. But I am not going to get into that today.

In my world, today is not about Christmas. It is all about ME.

So, in keeping with the theme of ME-ness, here are some random facts about me. Twenty-six of them, in fact. Because that's how old I am today. (For the record, I ran out of ideas at like #3, so these questions are all from my fella's brain. On the spot.)

  1. Favourite movie: Benny and Joon
  2. Favourite band: Tegan & Sara (preferably the early years, but they're still fun). Also, Brand New.
  3. Favourite terribly unhealthy junk food: Ruffles all dressed chips
  4. Favourite colour: Mustard yellow, or turquoise (for now)
  5. Favourite food: Does coffee count? Or tacos? I guess tacos count.
  6. Favourite room in the house: Reading room/guest room. Which I will blog about soon... I swear.
  7. Favourite flower: Anything floofy and whiteish. Gerber daisies are good, too.
  8. Favourite author: Margaret Atwood
  9. Favourite book: Not actually by Margaret Atwood. "Shadow of the Wind" by Carlos Ruis Zafon.
  10. Favourite childhood memory: Oddly enough, foot wars on the couch with my sisters. Somehow, no matter what we were watching, if we laid down on opposite ends of the couch it always ended in a foot war and laughing fit. I usually ended up on the ground.
  11. Favourite TV show binge watched to date: Chuck. Hands down.
  12. Favourite article of clothing: My yellow sweater! It is looking a little haggard, but that beast goes with everything.
  13. Favourite animal: Owls? Or maybe monkeys. 
  14. Favourite part of 2014: I'm on day 3 of 4 of birthday events. Yesterday I got forced out of my comfort zone and went skating with my fella and family. It was pretty awesome. Also one of my best friends just surprised me today by being in town for the holidays/my birthday. 
  15. Favourite dessert: Coconut cream pie. I have yet to attempt this dairy free, though.
  16. Favourite smell: Cinnamon is pretty up there. Lemons, too. Oh! And fire. I love smelling like the smoke from a bonfire.
  17. Favourite artist: Robert Rauschenberg. (and yes, I have an answer to that question. #artsnob)
  18. Favourite magazine: "Room Magazine"...which is technically a literary journal. And I just totally "no, it's a journal" lit-snobbed my fella over this question. Oops.
  19. Favourite sport: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... sports. good one.
  20. Favourite childhood toy: Polly Pocket. I had the little diner set... and from there, it was an easy transition into Diner Dash. 
  21. Favourite "downtime" activity: SimCity. A full day at a time.
  22. Favourite place I've never visited: Ireland!
  23. Favourite fancy coffee: Soy latte with an extra shot of espresso.
  24. Favourite candy: Cherry blasters, or whopper type things.  
  25. Favourite guilty pleasure: Mandy Moore movies. In general. Have you seen "Because I Said So"? It's brutal. But oh so good at the same time.
  26. Last but not least... Favourite thing, in general: GNOMES. Seriously. Have you seen my Instagram? Gnome is where the heart is, babe.

Happy (my) Birthday, world!  I'll be back Wednesday, for you-know-what Eve.

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  1. Happy Birthday! And I agree, no matter the time of year, Birthdays are all about YOU :) It is nice to take a break for Holiday onslaughts to remember the important things in life too!
    Now I have a craving for whoppers (remind me to show you a fun trick you can do with those fun candies that will dazzle all your friends!)


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