Shop Canada: 5 rooms, 5 stores, 5 sources for home decor.

Shop Canada! Five rooms done five ways via five different Canadian sources.

Whenever I browse blogs looking for where cute furniture or accents come from, I tend to fall in love with shops and stores from which I never end up making a purchase. The classics--- Restoration Hardware, Anthropologie, or Crate & Barrel--are lost to me. And why? Because shopping online stores based in the US is a pain for Canadias.

As a semi-rural Ontarian with the nearest IKEA a full eight hour drive away, online shopping is quintessential to gussying up my home. And any Canadian who has experienced customs and duty fees on what seemed like a great international shipping rate knows to hang on tight to good sources on our side of the border. Sure, stores boast that they "now ship to Canada!".... but most of the time, the duty and customs fees are brutal. At the very least, enough to keep you from shopping out of Canada ever, ever again.

I'm lucky to live under an hour from the US border, where I can have items shipped and pick them up myself. But as a pro-local/Canadian shopper, I would so much rather not have to do that. I'd rather shop in Canada, thank you. And because there's not a whole lot of home decor shopping choices where I live, online sources are quintessential to having cute things.

Today I'm sharing my top 5 Canadian (online) sources for home decor. And in case you're hard to convince, I've made an inspiration collage using each of the source's goods. Each of these sources is a goldmine of stylish home decor with reliably duty-free shipping. You can check out my Polyvore for links to the collaged products if you like what you see!


Based out of Montreal, this website covers most of the basics at surprisingly good prices. And their selection goes beyond home decor if you're a fan of multitasking when placing orders. This is a good go-to place for smaller items and linens rather than furniture.

Simons Guest Room design via creativeclementine

Beautiful higher end furniture. I love to look through their stock and dream of blowing paycheque after paycheque on the gorgeous pieces. If you are looking for furniture worth committing to, this site is worth bookmarking. Living Room via creativeclementine

In terms of flash sale sites, I'm the worst kind of BTR fangirl. Their prices on area rugs have a tendency to make me want to buy area rugs on a whim. These are purchases you need to have patience for, mind you, as they ship their stock anywhere from same week to a month or so after purchase.

BeyondtheRack Rec/Family Room via creativeclementine

Gotta love a website with a trusty maple leaf in its header. Especially when that site offers furniture and decor items that mesh with almost any decor style.
UrbanBarn Bedroom via creativeclementine

Obviously I am a huge advocate for buying off of Etsy for most things, with no exception when it comes to home decor. Custom throws and pillows, prints and original art, and unique vintage finds are all at your fingertips with Etsy--even closer if you have the app for your smart phone. I have found quite a few Canadian gems in the Etsy world and have never looked back. And even better? If you use >> this link << you will save $5 on your first purchase.

Etsy (Ca) Dining Room via creativeclementine

What are your favourite online sources for furniture or home decor?? Share in the comments!

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  1. I just love the room you laid out with Etsy merchandise, I think it is just the colors that I love. I am big on everything gold right now.

    1. I love it too!! I strongly believe every room benefits from a hint of gold or yellow. It goes with everything--like the sun :)


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