Free Printable: Craft Show Scavenger Hunt for kids

FREE PRINTABLE: Craft Show Scavenger Hunt for kids via

Halloween is over! Now it's time for the November adventure that is Christmas craft show season. And if you're a mom or an auntie (like me), all of these adventures can lead to some very, very bored kids.

Last year, I brought my nephew along with me to a local Christmas craft show. It didn't take long before I started feeling like the worst auntie ever--poor bored little man! Since four year olds tend to wander when bored, neither of us really got to experience the craft show. Lose lose.

Enter this boredom buster: a craft show scavenger hunt. Something to keep the munchkins entertained while Auntie pops into a craft show for just a minute...(twenty minutes max--honest!)

What's great about craft shows is that you can rely on them to have a few standard items to look for: things made of wood; things made of wool; things strung from beads. By the time the next craft show rolled around (as I said, tis the season), I was prepared! A scavenger hunt was the perfect remedy to boring holiday shopping. I even ended the hunt with a little perk.

If you're looking to buy yourself a few minutes of freedom to visit a craft show, have your kiddo or kiddies look for these inevitable craft show staples:

FREE PRINTABLE: Craft Show Scavenger Hunt for kids via

This strategy seriously worked on a four year old for almost two hours. TWO HOURS. That's a long time for a four year old to go without a complaint of boredom at a craft show. By the end, even I was over saturated in craft show glory and ready to go home. It was a nice change of pace.

My nephew is at that age where I smile every time he reads something. So this scavenger hunt is an especially adorable treat. I love hearing him read, and he loves the feeling of finding what he's looking for. The reward for a scavenger hunt well-done was an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. A dollar well spent for an adventurous afternoon in an unexpected venue!

Download your free printable here:

Happy hunting!

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  1. This is a great idea. Really a win win for everybody ;) Thank you for sharing with us at Merry Monday!

  2. I'm totally doing the scavenger hunt at One of a Kind - will help entertain me during the slow times ;) I'll post pics for you instead of a checklist though! FUN

    1. I absolutely love that idea! I checked out the hashtag #craftscavenger and it appears to be unused ;) #allaboutthehashtags

  3. This is genious! Thanks so much for sharing it at Talented Tuesday!!

  4. I think you may with a Pulitzer for being a genius! Not even kidding! I have done craft shows for 7+ years and I have seen so many cranky kids bored out of their minds and the moms or person they are with stops shopping to leave with them, stinks for the vendors. I think that any craft show vendor should have this printed out on their table to hand out to people with kids! Could make them money in the long run. Market this shit lol. (sorry but it seemed fitting to show how crazy excited this makes me) I know I am printing them out for in my craft store! You rock girl!
    Thanks for linking up with me this week, hope you make it back. Party starts tomorrow at 10pm!

  5. Stopping by from Merry Monday. Love this idea! Pinning!


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