We are all #BoldBrilliantBeautiful: My "I Am" Statement

If you know me, you're very aware that I am late for everything.

Earlier this year, I started following This Heart of Mine Blog on her Bold.Brilliant.Beautiful.You. adventure. If you aren't sure what I'm talking about, the jist is this: a group of bloggers have decided to spend 2014 embracing their wants, needs, dreams, and humanity on their blogs.

I was fascinated by these bloggers opening up about who they really are and what drives them... but I was too scared to do it. That is, of course, until I got fed up and decided I needed only real in my life from now on.

I was shocked to have gained rather than lost a following after posting my #HumanBlogger rant. It made me feel like I could come back to blogging, as soon as I was ready. After thinking more and more about the I Am statements from the BBBY bloggers, I decided it was time to write my own I Am statement, and take my own I Am selfie. Even if I am six months late to the party. (Seriously---late.for.everything.)

So here I go. This is me.

I am a lover. I am not always not a fighter. I am human.

I am a lover of words.
I am a lover of poetry, and a lover of prose. I am a lover of stories.

I am a lover of art.
I am a lover of assemblages, and a lover of found objects. I am a lover of juxtaposition.

I am a lover of music.
I am a lover of lyrics, and a lover of rhythm. I am a lover of songs that get under your skin.

I am a lover of food.
I am adventurous with what I eat and cook. I am healthy, but I am a big fan of dipping things in Nutella when nobody is looking.

I am a lover of family.
I am a daughter, a sister, a cousin, a niece, an auntie and a friend. I am a lover of loving. I am not a lover of the word "girlfriend", but I am one of those, too.

I am one of the guys. I am one of the girls. I am accepting the reality that I can be friends with both.

I am a nerd. I am a geek. I am a little bit of a hipster, and a little bit annoyingly feminist. I am a believer in not embracing labels. I am a big fan of branding, though...

I am tenacious. I am diligent. I am someone you turn to if you want something done, and done right.

I am caring. I am protective. I am always watching the backs of the people I love, ready to go ninja on anyone who messes with them.

I am an excellent sleeper. I am not a morning person. I am a lover of coffee.

I am scatterbrained. I am crafty. I am creative to a fault.

Je suis une personne qui parle le Franglais comme une champion, mais je ne parle pas Français.

I am competent, and I am stubborn. I am capable of "doing it on my own".

I am lucky to be surrounded by people who are equally competent and stubborn. I am better off for accepting their help once in awhile.

I am a grammar geek, and a language nut. I am proud of myself for knowing better than to type "once and awhile" in my previous statement.

I am a smart ass. I am witty and clever (sometimes). I am (sometimes) self-deprecating.

I am not perfect. I am not trying to be.

I am good at making things pretty. I am good at making things make sense. I am tuned into the beauty in things. I am tuned into anything that could possibly go wrong.

I am an excellent overthinker.

I am an odd duck.

I am the only me I know how to be. I am good with that.

For 2014, I’ve joined forces with some blogging friends of mine to motivate and encourage ourselves and others to be bold, brilliant, beautiful and decidedly ourselves. And we totally want you to join us! The #boldbrilliantbeautiful project is a support group for all of us seeking to be real and vulnerable. No judging, no questions, just support and words of encouragement. Find us on Instagram with the #boldbrilliantbeautiful hashtag and on the Bold. Brilliant. Beautiful. You. Facebook page. All are invited and welcome. :)

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  1. what a great post, thanks for sharing it with us. I particularly loved these lines… they made me smile
    "I am a nerd. I am a geek. I am a little bit of a hipster, and a little bit annoyingly feminist. I am a believer in not embracing labels. I am a big fan of branding, though…"

    I'm going to give this I Am statement a try I think it would do me some good, sometimes I feel like I've forgotten who I Am, all lost in this big bad city!

    1. Thank you! I think writing an "I Am" statement is a great exercise, even if you do it just for you. Not losing yourself is the important thing. I felt pretty lost when I lived in Toronto... but it made moving back to Tbay extra special (and kinda makes visiting TO a little more liberating, if that makes sense).

  2. just a quick FYI..your google+ in your banner does not take you too your google+ account :( Just wanted to let you know so you can fix it hehe


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