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Hello, blog world.

I am dipping my toes in the blog pool. It feels nice. It really, really does. And even though my last post has done a pretty effective job of metaphorically stripping me down to my fancies... I am not ready to jump in the water yet. So I'll just sit here, scantily clad, cooling off my toes.

I decided at the end of July to take part in a #30daysketch challenge on Instagram for the month of August. Challenging myself creatively is something new for me, and something I have never, ever imagined doing online.

This challenge, for me, is part creative adventure and part self care. Embracing creativity--forcing myself to dose myself with a little bit of it each day--is an incredible alternative to staring at the ceiling and overthinking things. How fleeting life can be. How dusty my ceiling is.

Reconnecting with my artistic roots and doodling a little something each day has so far been fun. It feels open and honest and liberating... it is less about a perfect "before and after" shot and more about a process and being open to new things. Very #HumanBlogger-y. Each day I feel more and more like myself, and will likely look for another challenge once this one is over.

Follow me on Instagram to stay in the loop!! We have 19 days left.

This challenge has ended, but you can see compilation videos on Instagram from challenge-starter mayabki and my copy-cat compilation below (or view on Instagram here and here).

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