2014 Goals Update + Craft & Guest Room before pics!

Here is my second quarterly update on my goals for 2014. It's a wee bit late, but I've been a busy girl over here!! My proof is in the progress below.

Here is my updated goals  list, with progress in brackets. (for full descriptions/rationale behind the goals, click here for the original post)

  1. Glam out my Bedroom {80% DONE!}
  2. Decorate the Munchkins' Room
  3. Tackle my Craft Room Clutter {95% DONE!}
  4. Sew a Stuffed Toy
  5. Knit Something Fun
  6. Make Homemade Bread
  7. Plant a (Successful) Container Garden
  8. *new!* Finish Guest/Play Room {99% DONE!}

Yes, I decided to add #8, which is a substantial project. You can read more about that here. And yes. it is almost done. So why bother adding it, you're wondering. That's easy enough to answer: because it makes me feel like I've accomplished something. There. Happy? I'm all about credit over here.

While those two projects are wrapped up, I thought I would get you excited about the two upcoming room reveals by showing you the before photos.

First and foremost, meet a photo of my craft room from when I moved in 2012. It's pretty blank, and doesn't seem to need a lot of explanation. As usual, I beg to differ... and will be posting later this week with a little more info on the before of this space. Stay tuned!

And here is a photo of my guest room, also circa 2012, in all its I-just-moved-in-so-I-don't-know-what-this-room-is-really-for-yet glory. Kinda looks like a tornado hit it. I just want to point out that I have no children, despite what the toys are telling you.... and the play mats. I'm apparently just a mom poser. And before you get mad at me for the before picture being a mess, therefore making any changes I make look extra impressive... I took other before photos. This is the extreme-before.

Both of these rooms have undergone their own She's All That style makeovers, and are on the brink of being blog ready. Trust me on this one---I would never, ever reveal those broken blue plastic blinds if I didn't have something cuter to show you in a hurry. :)

How are you doing with your own 2014 goals/resolutions? 

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  1. what a tease! Can't wait to see the after pics...

    1. They are coming soon, I promise!!! The guest room is actually done, but a lightbulb blew and totally threw off the entire blogging process.... because I was not in a mood to go buy lightbulbs heh. But I put in the new bulb yesterday!!! Progress.


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