Woodland-Friendly Art for the Guest Room

I have been working towards finishing up my guest/play room for a little while now. The big idea was to tackle this room first because it was so close to being done... and somehow it seems further and further away as each weekend passes by.

This room is more than just a guest room. It is also the home of my books, and the landing spot for the munchkins' craft supplies, books and toys. After "splurging" (hey, I'm cheap!) on Thunderpeep pillows from Society6, I realized I wanted a whimsical, folky, woodland-esque vibe. Something that would feel cozy and warm, while also invigorating for the imagination. There is something delightful about all things faery and woodsy and gnomey... and I am excited to bring some of their magic into this room.

Without having the luxury of starting with the perfect Ikea-esque, Scandinavian furnishings to set the stage for Woodland style, I knew the art would make or break the space. Needless to say, I've been Etsy shopping. Here is what I've got my eye on--and in some cases, my hands on!--so far:

Okay okay...that last one isn't from Etsy. But seriously. How amazing is Ferdinand the Fox as a clock? So. Much. Love.

Happy Tuesday  :)

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  1. those gnomes…. I'm in love :)

    1. They look enough like me and my fella that we've joked about dressing up and taking a photo just like it. Possibly bringing it too far :)


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