Clem Diaries: April Miscellany

For about a million reasons, I am totally in denial that it is time to do my April roundup. I can't believe it's already over! Time sure flies when you're having creatiopathic fun.

Here is a roundup of the various recipes and other fascinating things I was busy with over the month of April (in no particular order):

I realize I already posted about these cinnamon buns... but seriously. I am obsessed. Next time, nutella is getting involved. It has to happen! 

This was actually surprisingly easy to throw together despite my almost empty fridge. I added a bit of peach chutney to the walnut mayo because I didn't have fresh parsley, and it was delicious.

I love everything that is involved with this recipe. Hearty grains, a lazy grab-n-go breakfast, and the deliciousness of Chai. Love love love.

I threw together a salad based on this beauty for Easter dinner to accompany lamb (I did not make the lamb). I caramelized some red onions, and used butternut squash in place of pumpkin since its tough to find this time of year. I added some crispy prosciutto to the leftovers the next day and have never loved leftover salad so much in my life!

I am a little obsessive about natural health remedies. I would like to think I was a witch doctor in another life. I highly suggest giving this list a read through. 

Speaking about being a bit of a witch doctor.... I am so obsessed with turmeric I am surprised I still have white teeth. My sister and I have joked that I need one of those coke-addict scoop necklaces from Cruel Intentions to carry my "stash" in. Because let's face it... if I am going to go out of my way to find fancy silver wearable drug paraphernalia, we all know it would be to hold something as harmless as turmeric. 

I am scoping out deals on rugs... fell in love with a few, purchased zero. But this video/blog post really helped me figure out what size I need. Let's just say I am super stoked to have a mini living room in comparison to this example. And I feel the need to point out that there are thousands of dollars in rugs being used as examples in this post. Thousands. In rugs. Ishkabibble.

My favourite (possibly the only?) local flour mill has recently updated their site and has been posting recipes pretty regularly. The website is impressively organized by their product types, and the recipes are fantastic! This one especially blew my mind. I love the texture and nuttiness of buckwheat flour, and love everything baked with apples.

My Karaoke Jam: Zombie
 The Cranberries

My friends and I vowed in January to do karaoke 12 times this year. So far, we have been out twice. I expect there will be more adventures in sing-along-land coming up this summer to make up for the lost winter, but so far.... Zombie was definitely the highlight of this month's outing. Two of us improvised some harmonies on the spot and it was tons of fun!

Happy May!

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