Over the Rainbow Party

Now that I'm somewhat back in a blogging groove, it's about time I show you some of the fun celebrations that have been happening in my world. Some of these are quite old, so bear with me :)

I recently stumbled upon a few pics from my sisters 30th birthday party...which was not only 2 years ago, but was in my old apartment! Literally three days before I signed the dotted line on my current house. Holy weird flashbacks, batman.

This sister (and let's face it... most of the family) is very into musicals, so I decided to go with a Wizard of Oz inspired theme. This party was more of a prelude to a fun karaoke night, so of course the focus was on food more than entertainment. I am the first to admit that the photos are terrible (I was really really trying to avoid any photo evidence of the crappy apartment), but it's still a fun memory to share!

I knew that the Lollipop Guild was going to have to make an appearance somewhere, so opted to serve pizza and savoury pies on sticks to suit the theme. I also felt compelled to include a few cheesy details, like a "yellow brick road" of rice treats leading up to a chocolate cake with a metric shit-tonne of tall, skinny green candles on the top of it a la The Emerald City.

My favourite part of this shindig was incorporating these fun dessert toppers from Canadian Etsy seller Kathy at KiwiTini (which I posted about back in 2011... holy smokes time flies). I purchased these pretties with Halloween shenanigans in mind, but how adorable are they in little key lime puddings, a la the melting evil witch? (In hindsight, that's kind of a gross thing to serve people... But in an awesome way.)

All in all, I think the precious little hats and brooms were the perfect touch to this little spread. If you love them as much as I do, you can still find them in the KiwiTini shop here.

I'll be back to share more of my adventures soon. Happy Monday!

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