Hometown Love: TBay Wedding on SMP Canada

Coming from a fairly small city, I am always pleasantly surprised (and thrilled) to stumble upon anything having to do with Thunder Bay online. For example: this wedding. Wow!

This gorgeous wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty Canada. It's a post from 2012, so clearly I a) am slow on the uptake and b) don't know this couple, but I'm still pretty excited that it's on SMP! I love seeing Thunder Bay hold its own next to bigger cities with more resources. I can only imagine how jazzed everyone involved was to see this wedding on SMP with all the big-city players.

All in all, it's beautiful, and I wanted to show you. Why? Because it solidifies my love for good ol' TBay. Check out the full Style Me Pretty post and gallery here. And if you love the photography as much as I do, visit the Ilo Photo website.

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  1. Candy Bar at a wedding… count me excited!!! These are some kewl cats :)


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